The Ideal Flower Color For The Wedding Ceremony

We all know that weddings are typically associated with the color white, so it is very likely that you may be thinking that your flowers that you use for your wedding should also be white as well.

While white definitely is a perfectly acceptable color that you cannot necessarily go wrong with, it is much more advisable to go with something that does have a hint or splash of some other color. For example, lilies that are a very light purple and are reminiscent of the color white are great for incorporating into the wedding ceremony in subtle yet specific locations.

Any of these white flowers will do just nicely, but you definitely want to look for flowers that not only have a subtly distinct non-white color (like purple or orange), but that also go well with the overall color and theme of the wedding itself. For example, look for the subtle color that matches what the bridesmaids are wearing and go with that.

Even fully non-white colored flowers can do just fine, but you need to make sure that the color is very light overall and not a dark and bright color. As an example, light pink flowers can do just fine, even though they aren’t technically white, while bright red roses are almost certainly a big mistake that will just draw attention away from the main event which is the bride and groom up at the alter getting married.