About Us

Welcome! We are here for all of your floral needs, starting first and foremost with wedding arrangements to help make your perfect day precisely that – perfect!

Our guidance on types of flowers to choose and types of arrangements to go for will help you make the absolute best decision with your local florist.

And for any brides who may need advice and counsel outside the realm of flower arrangements, try and check out Wedding Belles Stationer – an amazing blog written by a former bride (and personal acquaintance of mine) who is still happily married and wants to ensure that brides not only have a perfect wedding, but a perfect marriage as well.

If you have other special occasions that require a very intimate decision-making process, then we are also here to help with that as well, whether you need flowers for a birthday, an anniversary, or anything and everything else in-between!

Please note that as of 2015, we no longer offer our own floral arrangements due to internal business concerns. But we are still 100% here for you to help you make these critical decisions for your big day.

Thank you for your support and we hope that we can help you in whatever your floral arrangement needs are!