Options for Wedding Reception Flowers

While the wedding ceremony is almost always focused on the color white, there is a lot more room for creativity when it comes to the wedding reception that follows.

In almost complete contrast to our advice for wedding ceremony floral arrangements, the flowers that are used in the wedding reception can be a lot more bold and inviting. The focus is not as much on the ceremony at the alter in this case, but rather the entire party and celebration, meaning you want an enticing atmosphere, which can definitely be created with bright and colorful flowers that stand out from the crowd.

Definitely pick a color that fits with the entire theme of the reception, but don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and select bright flowers, and even multiple vastly different colors if you want to be particularly bold. These flower arrangements will typically be used as the centerpieces for the dining tables, but they will also likely be strewn all across the entire ballroom or wherever the wedding reception is being held.

In short – think of the wedding reception as a party, and you should be able to select the perfect flowers to reflect that celebratory nature (based on your own personal preferences obviously).